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The Jemoca Story-

Charity. Memories. Tradition. Beauty. Family. Heirlooms. Gifts. Therapy. Jemoca pearls.

Several decades in the corporate world found Jemoca Pearl founder frequently pondering a new endeavor.  She was on the hunt for something that would utilize her business experience, creative skills and also something that involved a little bit of charity and fashion.

Around the turn of the 21st century, Jennifer Palmer began designing jewelry.  She felt as though she found a long lost love a few years later upon creating a pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet for a charity fund raiser.  Having cherished a strand received as a young girl, Jennifer always loved pearls.  It took that initial creative partnership to quickly realize the pearl story would be the foundation she needed to accomplish several goals:

• Contribute to several life missions by partnering with pearls to employ education, business and network experience, using the story of the pearl to help people (challenges we face in life may be a catalyst for creating something beautiful).

• Share recent advances in the cultured pearl industry by educating friends and customers about the special and classic nature of pearls, our Earth's only classified gem from a living organism, while paying tribute to the mollusk's life work.

•Design and produce pearl jewelry that is heirloom quality and often priceless for life's most special celebrations- birth, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, milestones and special holidays- to be passed down for generations.

•Redesign heirloom jewelry for lifelong enjoyment. 

The name, Jemoca Pearl, is a combination of Jennifer’s name, along with two of her most treasured pearls – sisters, Melissa “Moe” and Caren, whom she someday dreams about joining her in the business.  They are two beautiful women who, although once challenging in life, as young children, have turned into beautiful gems.

“Pearls are truly extraordinary gems, and more affordable today than ever.  Won’t you join me in celebrating the beautiful world of pearls?”  - Jennifer Palmer, Founder Jemoca Pearl